Exploring Atherton and the sites around the area. Cairns, North Queensland.

New Zealand - North Island

A couple wonderful days exploring the North Island of New Zealand during summer - but they had a cold snap while we were there (12C-25C)


A quick weekend visit to Adelaide!

France - Paris

So many electric Lime Scooters!

Croatia - Plitvice Lakes

Absolutely stunning green lakes - beautiful in winter (and far less crowded).

Croatia - Zagreb

Dripping with recent historical events for the story telling.

Greece - Nafplion

Beautiful Nafplion!

Greece - Athens

Athens is definitely a beautiful and interesting place to visit during winter!

Bulgaria - Tarnovo

Just a day trip from Bucharest, but our trip to Bulgaria was absolutely amazing!

Romania - Bran

Bran Castle - legendary and somewhat historical Dracula.

Romania - Bucharest

Bucharest was amazing, although we were not in the city very long, the old town was full of impressive buildings and a huge variety of restaurants.

Poland - Warsaw

Warsaw is an amazing city, plenty of sights, but really : pirogi!

Lithuania - Vilnius

Beautiful Vilnius in Lithuania.

Latvia - Riga

Beautiful Riga, put on the snow for us over Christmas.

Estonia - Tallinn

An amazing old town! Highly recommend visiting Tallinn.

Finland - Helsinki

A lovely city with quite a few things to see.

Norway - Tromsø


Tromso is in the Arctic Circle, so mid winter is damned dark, an excellent place to see the Northern Lights. Skip Oslo and just catch a connecting flight to Tromso. There are a lot of Northern Lights tours, we went with these guys who were awesome! This is their Flickr site.

France - Chamonix

Nestled in amongst some of the most beautiful mountains. Chamonix is an amazing place to visit.

France - Lille

A very short TGV ride from Charles De Gaul Airport. Why bother staying in Paris, when you can zip from the airport to Lille in about 1 hour.

China - Changsha

Schistosomiasis workshop in Changsha. Lovely place.

Indonesia - Jakarta

Database workshop and regional visit

Springbrook National Park

Bushwalks, rain - board games!

New Zealand - Lake Tekapo

New Zealand - Queenstown

New Zealand - Fox Glacier

New Zealand - Castle Hill

New Zealand - Springfield

Not much here, but a good AirBnB and a really decent steak meal at the pub.

Great Ocean Road


Restaurants, trams and very very bad weather.

Indonesia - Yogyakarta

Indonesia - Jakarta

Running a workshop in Jakarta

England - London

London again - time to explore museums, parks, restaurants. Book of the Mormon!

Czech Republic - Prague

One of the best rooms with a view onto th main square of Prague's old town. And it snowed a lot for us later in our stay.

Hungary - Budapest

Lovely parks and buildings. Criminal taxis will rip you off at every chance they get.

Austria - Vienna

Vienna - best apple strudel. Beautiful town, people, food, palaces.

France - Paris

Unlike Berlin, Paris is in perpetual military occupation because they're scared, making Paris a huge disappointment compared to our last visit. Still has wonderful restaurants and museums, just a toxic street sense.

Germany - Berlin

Berlin was a last minute adjustment to our plans. Beautiful city. Unfortunately an idiot decided to drive a truck through a Christmas Market that we were about to go to … shut the town down for a day. Then everything went back to normal because Germans are hard core!

Catalonia - Barcelona

Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família designed by Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926).


Lisbon is an amazing city - very underrated, worth a week stay.

Ireland - Dublin

Dublin - apparently lots of alcohol. Churches, history, stories, green!

Denmark - Copenhagen

Copenhagen old town! Castles, museums, canals, pastries!

Sweden - Stockholm

Beautiful Gamla stan, Christmas Markets in the old town of Stockholm.


London! A quick AirB&B in quaint house in Gatwick. The lovely people picked us up and dropped us off at the airport.

Thailand - Bangkok

An unexpected stop. Thai Air put us up in a luxury hotel for the night while they arranged a better plane to London.

China - Yueyang

Hosting a REDCap training workshop in Yueyang.

Indonesia - Bali

Vacation time in Bali!

Indonesia - Jakarta

2015-02-22 to 2015-02-27, and again in 2015-05
Indonesia database workshop

USA - Las Vegas

Las Vegas! Shows, buffets, zombies, guns! Side trip to the Grand Canyon.
Then off to LA for a day, visiting with the stars, meeting Barbara Eden, Linda Blair, RJ Mitte, etc.
Then back home to Brisbane.

USA - Tampa

Visit Donna’s parents and see the sights around Tampa. Big cat rescue, beaches.

USA - Miami

Short stop to visit Donna’s parents in Tampa then drive to Santa Barbara & Miami! So very hot. Street art!

USA - New Orleans

New Orleans! Bourbon street, swamps, ghosts!


LA again
Fourth of July fireworks! Crazy time

USA - Alaska

USA Alaska
Dogsled, Glacier, Helicopters, Girdwood - Alyeska
After a short half day in LA

Sydney road trip

2014-01-06 to 2014-01-09
New car driving to Sydney via Girraween, Tamworth, Bathurst

PNG - Goroka

2013-08-04 to 09
Statistics workshop in Goroka


2013-07-14 to 2013-07-19 database workshop in Vila, Vanuatu

Carnarvon Gorge

2013-06-28 to 2013-07-02
Camping holiday in Carnarvon Gorge, Qld, Australia


2013-05-10 to 2013-05-12
Hobart, Port Arthur


2013-03-29 to 2013-04-09 Philippines, Conception/Baguio/100 Islands
Also a day in Singapore

USA - Chicago

2013-03-19 to 2013-03-24 Conference in Chicago, USA.


2012-08-29 to 2012-09-04
Visit to Vila, Vanuatu for an intensive database workshop.


A quick trip to Vanuatu to work on the malaria project.

USA - Atlanta

Conference in the good old town of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

USA - East Coast

New York, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Myrtle Beach - a month on the East coast of the USA!


Workshop with all of the provincial training managers.


Malaria elimination database development in one of the nicest places in the Pacific

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands
Ah Honiara. So hot. Wonderful carvings.

PNG - Goroka

One of the best places in Papua New Guinea!

Vanuatu - Tana

2 weeks in Vanuatu working on database and data collection procedures. Most of the time spent in Lenakel on Tana Island! Grass huts, wild pigs, volcanoes, oh my!


Another short trip to the wonderful Islands of Vanuatu.

Houseboat Stradbroke

Houseboat view
A group of eight of us hire out a luxurious houseboat that had a sauna and a spa, spending the week cruising around the Stradbroke Islands, relaxing, eating, fishing, swimming, hiking across the islands


Another day trip to Melbourne to give a workshop presentation and work on data analysis.


A quick trip to the wonderful Islands of Vanuatu.

South Africa

Meeting the wildlife in Kruger National Park and enjoying the highlife of five star luxury in Capetown as well as a road trip covering everything in between. The most amazing journey my wife and I have ever taken. Johannesburg, Timbavati Nature Reserve: Motswari Lodge, Colesburg, Capetown, Kimberley

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands
Another trip to Honiarra. Warm and wonderful.


A short trip to Sydney with Donna! Wonderful dinner on the Sydney wharf with views of the Opera house and the harbour bridge while we ate, a trip to the theatre to watch the excellent stage adaptation of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, a ferry ride around the harbour and a day at Taronga Zoo.


A short trip to Melbourne to present at the Public Health Association of Australia conference on Justice Health. While in Melbourne Donna and I visited some fine restaurants, toured the city and visited the Melbourne Zoo.

Houseboat tour of Stradbroke Islands

A four day tour around Stradbroke Island. Beaches, sun, sand, swimming, spa, karaoke, barbecues, fishing, hiking, relaxing.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands
Malaria in the South Pacific might just be on the way out if the PacMI project has its way. Honiara hosted an intensive workshop that introduced all the key people to each other and set us in a common direction.

USA - Colorado

A short visit to Fort Collins that turned into a little longer visit to Denver thanks to norovirus.


My first time to the distant city of Perth, Western Australia. Wonderful town to visit; two weeks of training at the University of Western Australia. Also visited Rottnest Island, the Perth Zoo and wandered around Perth city.

Philippines - Manila

Another visit to the exceedingly hot and humid city of Manila. Most of the time spent in RITM around Alabang.

China - Wuhu, Shanghai

Wuhu is a wonderful town in Anhui province. Shanghai is absolutely amazing. A tribute to the growing power of China.

Europe - Italy

Venice and Rome! Both wonderful places to visit, certainly a must on any tour of Europe.

Europe - Switzerland

Just visited Zurich this time. I am sure there is something nice about Zurich. It has the largest clock face in Europe.

Europe - Germany

Leipzig, Dresden, Rothemberg, Munich, Fussen. Wonderful places, wonderful food, wonderful people!

Europe - Holland

HollandAmsterdam is very interesting, a place of contrasts. Flowers, canals, restaurants of all nations.

Europe - Belgium

Belgium; Brussels, where everyone said that one day would be enough, but this place was much more happening and lively than Paris was over the Christmas period. Great shopping, great restaurants, waffles, chocolates!

Europe - France

France! Well only Paris, but what a wonderful place!

Europe - England

St Albans
Trip to Europe! Starting at St Albans, then after continental Europe we come back to Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, Preston, Fflint, Bath, Cardiff.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island off Queensland’s coast has some wonderful scenery, very friendly people and usually some strong breezes.

Philippines - Manila

Manila is an amazing place. The food is excellent, the people are wonderful, and there is contrast everywhere. Click on the image of hard working Australians to see more.

Philippines - Bohol

Tagbilaran on the Island state of Bohol in the Philippines is a wonderful regional township that plays host for our regular workshops.

China - Hong Kong

So easy to head into Hong Kong if you have more than a couple hours stop over. The train takes you right from the Airport to the City (Kowloon) which can a bus depot that can take you right into the heart of Hong Kong in around 30 minutes.

China - Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam
The Three Gorges Dam spans the Yangtze River at Sandouping, Yichang, Hubei province, China. Construction began in 1993. It is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world, more than five times the size of the Hoover Dam. The reservoir began filling on June 1, 2003, and will occupy the present position of the scenic Three Gorges area, between the cities of Yichang, Hubei; and Fuling, Chongqing Municipality. Structural work was finished on May 20, 2006, nine months ahead of schedule.

Philippines - Bohol

Bohol again! Awesome place.

China - Yueyang, Hong Kong

Travelled to China to give a workshop on the various databases we had designed and so forth. While there I snapped some scenery as it made itself available. Everyone should visit China, and not just the major tourist destinations but out of the way places too.

Philippines - Bohol

Regional town of Tagbilaran, capital of Bohol, Philippines


A trip South to Victoria, with my uncle Lindsay and my CR-V.

Europe - Germany

A tour through Germany to visit my mother’s many wonderful relatives.

Europe - Switzerland

Visit my elder sister in the wonderful little Bremblins.

Europe - Scotland

Edinburgh castle
Back to the fatherland, where the Forsyth’s originate. To some degree.

Europe - England

Journey to England, to visit my sister who just gave birth and tour around a bit. This is the last trip that I used film.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
1992 to 2001: I have travelled to Papua New Guinea over a dozen times for a couple weeks at time, to help people with various issues there, and PNG needs a lot of help. I stayed mostly in Port Moresby but also had the pleasure of travelling to some of the outer areas; Mt Hagen, Lae and Rabaul. We are so very lucky in Australia.

Thursday Island

Thursday Island
Helping out with infrastructure at our Thursday Island office. The image above is not the office, you run across these small war time buildings as you walk around the island.

New Zealand

Mount Cook
Holiday in New Zealand! Thank you Frequent Flyer Air New Zealand.


Another workshop in beautiful Cairns.

California, Mexico

Sandiego Zoo
Holiday in the USA and Mexico. Just California and Tijuana. LA, Orange County, San Diego.


Hosting yet another workshop in Cairns


I ran an introduction to Epi Info workshop in Adelaide as part of an international health conference.

Thailand, Malaysia

Visit Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Hat Yai in Thailand for student supervision and to run some workshops. Then to Khota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur for more workshops.

Papua New Guinea

Medical School, Port Moresby, PNG
The first of many workshops in Papua New Guinea for the Department of Community Medicine, and the faculty, and the hospital. I visited PNG once or twice a year for most every year until 2001 when the project ended.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Australia
Acute Respiratory Infection in indigenous population study workshop in Alice Springs.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

Hota Bharu Malaysia
Visit the department of Community Medicine, Unversiti Sains Malaysia in Kota Bharu to conduct a SAS workshop then met with students in Hat Yai, Thailand.