Monthly archives: September, 2007

Not Much Anonymity for Unprotected File-Sharers

Researchers Examine P2P Networks; The same technology that allows easy sharing of music, movies and other content across a network also allows government and media companies easy access to who is illegally downloading that content. But with the right software the detection rate drops down to only 1 percent. The article even mentions Digg! (via …

Lina Released!

Lina Software released the source code for LINA under the GPL v2. LINA enables Linux binaries to run with native look and feel on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without recompiling. This release, along with the launch of our community website,, invites developers around the world to participate in the growth of this important technology. …

Simon B&W

Simon: A self portrait (thanks to the IR remote) in B&W except the eyes which remain the usual blue hue. (via Photos from neoporcupine)

QotD: Today’s Mix

You’re the DJ: what are the next five songs coming up after the break? Ben Lee with “Whatever it is” Xavier Rudd with “Light the shade” Taxiride with “Creeping up slowly” Ani Difranco with “Untouchable face” Alexi Murdoch with “Orange sky” Read and post comments | Send to a friend (via neoporcupine‚Äôs blog)