Monthly archives: April, 2019

Government accused of hiding full extent of climate change Toxic Australian government.

New Banksy appears overnight as climate protests come to a close in London From this moment despair ends and tactics begin

Forget Survivor or Lost — six strangers were sent into the wilderness by Four Corners I watched this as a kid. Yep, I’m old.

New study says universe expanding faster and is younger The universe is somewhere between 12.5 billion and 13 billion years old. Down from 13.6 billion.

Mediocre policy, mediocre politics and a $320 million payment with no guarantee Claims by the government about record funding … fails as it has fallen behind indexation.

Triumph for Extinction Rebellion as protests spark huge surge in ‘climate change’ web traffic Protest and activism works. Keep up the good work!

Liberal candidate linked same-sex marriage to paedophilia Let your inner demon show.