Monthly archives: July, 2019

Baby’s brain tumour led to ‘nightmare’ private health insurance experience End private health subsidies! Put it back into the public health system.

More than 3,000 units in limbo as one of Australia’s largest property developers collapses Toxic Developers.

AFP hits back at media bosses pushing for press freedom changes Police should not be making policy

New Liberal MP wants ‘both sides’ of climate change debate taught at schools The small business owner says the greatest gift of being human is free choice, arguing “indoctrination of any type robs our children of this gift”. Terry Young is an idiot who wants children taught his delusions.

PM derides dole hike as ‘unfunded empathy’ Scumbag Australian PM who pretends to be religious, wants the poor to continue to suffer, while giving enormous tax breaks to the wealthy.

‘Nuclear option’ should be on the table in Australia, Minerals Council boss says Well, if the Minerals Council wants it, then it is very likely bad for the public.