Monthly archives: June, 2007

Perian 1.0 Officially Released

The free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats has just been updated and released as version 1.0. This release brings many new features/fixes such as a preference pane interface, subtitle support, Matroska/mkv support, integrated a52codec, high profile H.264 support, and much more. (via News dugg by neoporcupine)

How to add green screen effects to home movies for FREE!

Wanna make a movie like the pros? Using green screen editing? It’s all free (besides the actual green screen itself) with this awsome program. Debug Mode’s WAX is a video/picture/music editor. It hase a drag and drop time line like in Windows Movie maker, so you can add pictures and music to your video (via …

How to Sleep More Effectively, Starting Tonight

“Tired after getting a full nine hours and still feeling exhausted? You sleep the sleep of the innocent – you nod off quickly, don’t have nightmares and have no trouble breathing – and still you can hardly get up in the morning and seldom feel totally awake, no matter how long you slept the previous …

126 Essential Freelancing Resources

The web is such a big and wonderful place, packed with tools and resources which you all too often don’t know about. So to help all you freelancers out there we have compiled a gigantic list of resources, categorized up for your benefit. (via News dugg by neoporcupine)