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Elden Ring sucks

Unless you’re a console goblin that has a loving for the Dark Souls series, using the controller can be a right pain. It may take a few days, maybe a week or two … possibly a month to get used to the controller – what the buttons do, the combinations etc. Using the keyboard and mouse can technically be done, but appears to be a hack add-on that is as clunky an implementation as I have ever experienced on PC. You *will* need to find a site that lists the keyboard and mouse commands … then you will likely need to adjust these to something sensible – at least what you are allowed to change.

The interface seems to be actively dis-intuitive as one of the modern re-invented Microsoft Windows layouts – hiding helpful features rather than exposing them. The tutorial is quick and if you miss an instruction then good luck trying to find the tip anywhere in mess of menus.

Yes, the lack of ultrawide support is a major pain, the restriction to 60fps upsets those with honking graphics cards and expensive refresh rate monitors. There are stutters, brief freezes, and an unstable state your system will be left in after exiting the game (the ridiculously LONG process of exiting).

Not for me. New World is glorious, Skyrim is still a marvel (also needs ultrawide!) – there’s no need to suffer developers who don’t take time to encompass all users.

Play for less than two hours to see if it suits you – there is a huge audience that loves it, then get a refund if it doesn’t.

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