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JWST’s hunt for distant galaxies keeps turning up surprises

The JWST has observed thousands of distant galaxies that date back to the early universe, some of which are more massive, brighter, or mature than expected. These galaxies challenge the current understanding of how galaxies formed and evolved in the first billion years after the Big Bang. The JWST has also confirmed the distance to the most distant galaxy ever detected, nicknamed Maisie’s Galaxy, which is located 13.3 billion light-years away. The JWST has also revealed the colors and properties of Earendel, the most distant star ever detected, which is a massive B-type star in the Sunrise Arc galaxy. The JWST has used its powerful infrared instruments and the gravitational lensing effect of massive galaxy clusters to peer into the depths of cosmic time and uncover these hidden gems. The JWST’s findings will help astronomers learn more about the origin and evolution of the universe and its structures.

Source: JWST’s hunt for distant galaxies keeps turning up surprises.

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