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Enshittification is happening

The pre-enshittification era wasn’t a time of better leadership. The executives weren’t better. They were constrained. Their worst impulses were checked by competition, regulation, self-help and worker power. So what happened? One by one, each of these constraints was eroded until it dissolved, leaving the enshittificatory impulse unchecked, ushering in the enshittoscene.

The all pervasive move across businesses to do less, make more money, with a consequence of making things worse.

Tried to contact a big corporation about an issue? Bought a computer game that offers micro-transactions or has it’s own currency? That company you liked has been sold and now the service has degraded? Bought a book, music or movie online that has DRM that has suddenly been revoked? Tried to use a web search engine and get mostly paid for advertisements? The list appears to be endless. Welcome to the new era of humanity: the enshittoscene.

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